It’s your partner’s first day back at work.  Your babe is a mere few days old, tiny, adorable, sweet in every way.  And exhausting in every way!  Never fear, your postpartum doula is here!

9:00  We text you or knock very softly to let you know we’ve arrived.  (we know better than to ring that doorbell if Baby might be sleeping!)  You open the door, we hug, and begin our day!

9:30  You are relaxing, eating the breakfast we’ve just prepared for you, sipping coffee or your favorite tea.  While you eat, we hold your baby, and give you some much deserved me time.

10:00  You slip away for a long bath or shower, work on all those thank you cards that need to go out, and catch up on emails and phone calls.  We change your baby’s diaper, and help get her down for a nap.  While she naps, we wash all your breast pump pieces, load the dishwasher, neaten the kitchen and prepare snacks for you to eat through out the day.  (cup up fruit and veggies in containers in the fridge are a great way to grab a healthy snack!)  We keep an eye on your baby to make sure she is sleeping comfortably.

11:30  You settle in to your favorite spot on the couch or in the rocking chair, we hand you your Boppy pillow and help you get adjusted, and bring Baby to you to nurse or bottle feed.  We can help you with some breastfeeding challenges, and can quickly refer you to certified lactation consultants if you need them!  We turn the TV on to your fav daytime show, and let you enjoy some bonding with baby.

12:00  We’ve folded the clothes in the dryer, re-washed the forgotten clothes in the washer, helped you open packages and gifts from friends and family and tossed the cardboard in the recycle bin!  We hold or wear baby while your enjoy your lunch.  We discuss your concerns about parenting, giving you tips and reassurance along the way.  We talk about newborn cues, and how to interpret them, ensuring your confidence as a new parent.

1:00  Bath time for baby!  We help make sure you feel comfortable giving your baby a bath.

1:30  We once again help you settle in to nurse or feed your baby.  While you nurse, we discuss tomorrow’s schedule, which includes some shopping and a trip to the pediatrician.  (Don’t worry, we can accompany you!)

2:00  Nap time for YOU!  You close the blinds, slip on your eye mask and drift away, while we snuggle your baby, or swaddle her and lay her down in her bassinet for a nap.  We bring her to you if she wakes and needs to feed.  Hopefully, you get a lovely hour or two hour afternoon nap!

4:00  Baby is sleeping, and we’ve finished the laundry, put away all those adorable onesies, stamped and sealed your thank you cards, emptied the dishwasher and discovered you are almost out of diapers!

4:15  You awake and we bring baby to you to feed, while we quickly run to the store to grab those diapers.

5:00  We leave for the day, and you feel rested, confident and supported!

Sounds pretty good, right?  We’d love to be your postpartum doulas!  We have the experience and education to help you not only survive but thrive these first few weeks, days or even months!  We serve the Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point areas of North Carolina.

Contact us  for a free consultation!  You can check out our postpartum packages online.  Send the link to family and friends, who can buy postpartum hours for you–wouldn’t that be awesome!  We are happy to provide gift certificates.  Add a postpartum doula to you registry, and let us help you have a peaceful and blissful postpartum with your baby.  You can reach us at, or by phone at 336-448-4114.


Happy postpartuming!