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Welcome!  You may have been redirected here because you asked the question, “Are you still pregnant?” to a family member, friend or co-worker.  Though you meant well, it can be tiresome and difficult for the pregnant person to hear this question repeatedly during the last few weeks or days of pregnancy.  So what can you do instead?  Here are five things you might try.

Remind Her She’s Awesome

Instead of texting or saying “Have you had the baby?” or “Are you STILL pregnant”?  Or, “Dang, are you not in labor yet, what the heck?”, tell her she’s the most awesome gestating person around!  Congratulate her on nine months of pregnancy, text her to say “Way to gestate and bake that baby!”.  Send encouragement and supportive words.  The last few weeks and days of pregnancy  seem like years, and your gentle encouragement and cheering will go a long ways.

Treat Her To A Pedicure

Or massage, manicure, or something of that nature.  A text message of “Hey!  Wanna get pedicures and a decaf latte?” will be much more appreciated that questioning her current state of “Still Pregnant”.

Bring Food

Food is ever appreciated and welcome after a baby comes.  Help stock your friend or family member’s freezer now. Instead of calling to find out if contractions have started or if she’s seeing any bloody show (which is a whole other conversation) call her and see if you can stop by with a frozen casserole.  Let her know you are thinking about her, and want to help stock her fridge so she can focus on Baby instead of the kitchen after birth.

Check Out The Baby Shower Registry

You are itching for a pregnancy update.  Today makes 41 weeks and 3 days.  You know because you are counting down.  Your fingers are ready to type out “Are you STILL pregnant???”  But wait!  Instead, type into your computer browser and find her shower registry.  What’s on there you could buy and ship to her house?  Head out to a local baby boutique and purchase an outfit so cute you can’t stand it!  Send her a picture, let her know you can’t wait to see her little one wearing it.  Buy a pack of diapers and wipes, or search for cute handmade nursing necklaces on Etsy to buy as a baby shower gift.

Hire A Postpartum Doula

Want to really make her day?  Get in touch with us about postpartum doula care.  We will talk you through what to do to buy her the awesome gift of a postpartum doula!  Then call your pregnant friend or family member, and instead of saying “Are you still pregnant?” say, “I bought you postpartum doula services!”.  And she will think you are the best thing ever. (We serve the Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point areas of North Carolina)

That baby that you can’t wait to see will be here soon!  Resist the temptation of falling into the “Are you still pregnant” trap, and be an encouraging and supportive person, and you will receive much thanks!