If you remember Schoolhouse Rock as fondly as I do, you’ll hopefully understand the title of this blog! Are you facing an induction? Inductions don’t have to be as scary as they seem, if you know the questions to ask and are prepared. Here are five tips to help prepare you for your upcoming induction of labor.


1.  Ask Questions

There are a variety of ways inductions of labor can start–foley bulb, cytotec, cervidil, pitocin, breaking the bag of waters…ask your care provider how they plan to start the induction.  Often more than one method is used to induce your labor.  Having an understanding of the plan can help you feel more at ease about your induction.


2.  Bring Something To Do

Many people don’t realize that an induction can take hours, or even days!  Several days.  We always let our clients know that might want to bring along reading material, download a favorite move or TV series to watch, or even write out all those thank you notes from the baby shower while waiting for labor to kick in.  Being stuck inside the hospital can be a bit more fun if you are snuggled up with your partner watching your favorite movie, or devouring a mystery novel.


3.  Tell Friends and Family To Wait

Aunt Mabel and Grandma to be Kathy just can’t wait to meet your new little one!  So they camp out in the waiting room at the very start of the induction.  Where they could be waiting, for a day or two or four.  Let friends and family know that an induction can take time, and you’d feel better if they were sleeping comfortably in their own beds instead of waiting room chairs.  You can let them know your promise to call then when Baby has arrived.


4.  Bring Pillows

Let’s face it-hospital beds aren’t exactly as comfy as the bed you slept in at that posh bed and breakfast on your honeymoon, and no where close if we are honest.  Pillows at the hospital are often in short supply.  Bring extra pillows for you and your partner, to try to make yourself more comfortable during the induction.  (Hint-put a bright pillow case on your pillows.  If they get mixed in with the white linens at the hospital, you might never see them again)

5.  Be Positive

I’ve been a doula for many inductions, and sometimes it can get frustrating when the hours turn into days and your baby hasn’t yet arrived. Have a trusted friend stop by to cheer you up, listen to upbeat music, watch a comedy on your laptop, repeat some positive affirmations, and keep asking questions to your medical team, so you can feel informed and more confident during the process!