Twas the day you were born,

And all through the place

Excitement was growing!

We’d soon see your face!

Contractions were coming 

Slowly but surely

We couldn’t help but guess

Would your hair be straight or would it be curly?

The midwife was called, the doula was too

Labor was unfolding;

We couldn’t wait for you!

And mom on her birth ball and me by her side

Through this labor dance we both would easily glide.

When all of a sudden there was such a splatter!

I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter!

My water just broke!  She said with a smile.

Hey, at least it broke on the bathroom tile!

The moon in the sky was full as can be

As she rocked back and forth on her hands and her knees.

When what to my wondering ears should I hear?

But breathing and moaning in rhythm so clear.

With stronger contractions five minutes apart,

I knew active labor was soon to start!

Quickly and swiftly our doula did arrive,

With her support we knew we surely would thrive.

We slow danced!  We counter pressured, we did hip circles on the ball, 

Your mother said, it’s time!  To the hospital y’all!

We packed up the car, the seatbelts we clicked,

And away to the birth place we had earlier picked!

So to the hospital we all did calmly go,

With our doula following behind, you’d be here soon we did know.

Deeply she breathed with each longer contraction,

Staying in her rhythm she found satisfaction.

As we parked the car and unloaded our stuff,

Labor began to get a little rough.

To labor and delivery we soon were admitted,

And into a lovely birthing gown your mother was fitted.

We heard your heartbeat, nice and strong the nurse said!

Your mom then got in the shower, the heck with the bed!

In the shower she worried, “I can’t do this, this is wrong!”

The doula reminded her, “Yes you can, you are strong”.

(I must admit at this part, there was a little vomit,

The nurse got the emesis basin fast as a comet!)

She leaned into me, and together we swayed,

I whispered you can do this;

Don’t be afraid.

Suddenly from your mother I heard a different noise

“I think it’s time to push” said the midwife calm with poise.

She pushed and she pushed in so many ways,

Standing, sitting and squatting and even sideways!

We encouraged and supported,

We knew the time was nigh.

And then you were here!

We heard your first cry!

You were chubby and sweet, 

A right howling strong girl

And I smiled when I saw

Your head full of curls.

And laying upon your mom’s chest we all did smile,

The midwife said” Let them bond for a while”.

The doula did leave,

The nurse and midwife did too,

And we were alone;

Gazing at you.

We counted your fingers,

We looked at your nose,

We were in such awe

As we touched your tiny toes.

I’m so very excited,

Play the bells and sound the horn!

It was such a beautiful birth,

The day you were born.

Becky Hale CD(DONA) is a birth and postpartum doula with Piedmont Doulas in Winston-Salem, NC