Becky Hale

CD(DONA), pre-certified postpartum doula

Labor, birth and parenthood are incredibly awesome, wild and wonderful journeys, and I love helping my clients along that journey! I’m a caretaker by nature, and comforting and supporting my clients comes naturally. I love every bit of helping women and their partners through the experience of birth, whether that occurs in a birth pool or the operating room. I trained as a birth doula in 2007 with DONA International, and have maintained my certification with them since 2008. I’ve also trained with other organizations (I’m a lover of workshops and continuing education). I was a professional Mary Poppins for nearly 15 years, nannying for many families in the Greensboro and Winston-Salem areas of NC, taking care of children from newborn through the teen years. I’ve nannied and been and a postpartum doula for several families with twins, and love helping with multiples! My many years of nanny care gives me a unique insight into that beautiful, sweet but exhausting postpartum period and I enjoy helping my clients thrive and feel confident as new parents. I’ve seen first-hand the difference having doula makes, and I feel strongly that every type of birth and every type of parent benefits from doula care. My biggest wishes for our clients are that they feel informed and prepared, make all their own decisions, and feel fully supported during their birth. It’s a day you will always remember!

My Training, education and experience:

I’ve been a certified doula for over 7 years, and have experience with many different types of families and births, including water birth, medicated births, inductions, twins, natural births, VBAC and planned cesareans births.  I’ve been a professional Mary Poppins to many families throughout Greensboro and Winston-Salem, and have had the pleasure of serving local families during the postpartum period. I’m a long time member of our local doula organization, PADA, and am also a member DONA International.

Just for fun

  • I love roller coasters. I rode my first upside down coaster when I was just 4 years old!
  • I used to be a wilderness counselor, and would spend summers camping the North Carolina mountains and once spent a whole summer camping in the Florida Keys.
  • I love North Carolina beaches, especially Carolina Beach (Who knows what a Britt’s Donut is???)
  • I am absolutely terrified of bats! (Remind me to tell you my “bat flew into me story”.)
  • My clients love my sense of humor, and thoroughly enjoy my “The Many Faces Of Hospital Triage” speech during their prenatal meetings. (Become a client and you too can be fully prepared for triage!)
  • Kids of all ages love my made up, spur of the moment funny songs (and some adults too).
  • I love to travel far and wide, but hate to fly. But I fly anyway.
  • Taking pictures is my hobby, and I’ve got the oodles of photos to prove it.
  • I’m a North Carolina native, and I love the Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point Triad area!
  • If I could wear flip-flops year round, I totally would. (Except at births!)

Phyllis R. D’Agostino

M.Ed., Ed.S., CD/ PCD (DONA), LCCE, Certified H.U.G. Teacher

I have been involved in working with families for more than 25 years in various capacities. In my experience as a parent educator, I have come to believe that parenting starts before birth – and that the birth experience itself is one of the best opportunities to help families start out on the right foot. Childbirth signifies the birth of a family, and I believe that if a new family can be given a positive, respectful, empowering and memorable experience during childbirth – we have done a good thing! As a certified birth (since 2010) and postpartum doula (since 2005) with DONA, I know first-hand the benefits of support, education, experience, and encouragement that new parents gain from doulas. I obtained my Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) in April 2010 while completing the birth doula certification requirements. I believe having my LCCE has been a perfect complement to being a birth doula. Plus I am excited to be a nationally Certified H.U.G. Teacher ( I recently attended the ProDoula Postpartum Doula training in Winston-Salem, NC, and am working towards certification with them, and will also complete Hypnodoula certification in early 2015. In the spring of 2012 I completed the North Carolina Lactation Educator Training Program. It’s a course that focuses on skills needed for providing basic breastfeeding management and support, including prenatal and postpartum counseling and management of common concerns and clinical problems. The training includes five days of didactic instruction, two days of clinical rotations in hospital and public health settings, and an independent study assignment.

Professional Memberships

Community Involvement

Some Tidbits

  • In my spare time I love to have lunch with friends, read, make jewelry, travel and cook.
  • My husband and I travel each year to Nepal, spent a semester in Japan in 2009, and this year we visited one of our Nepali daughters in Israel. Life is good!
  • I live in Winston-Salem with my husband and our dog Rudy and our grand dog Ein. I have two wonderful grown sons, a lovely daughter-in-law, and became a grandmother to a beautiful granddaughter in March 2015.

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