Client Testimonials

“Becky was my doula for my second sons birth! Becky not only supported me but was there for my husband. I am so glad that we chose to have her be our doula!”

“Our birthing experience was made complete by the doula services of Becky Hale. She was instrumental in helping us prepare for our big day and was always available when we had questions or concerns. When I went into labor she stayed in contact with me all day until we were ready to go to the hospital. She met us there immediately and worked with me and my husband to keep us calm and help us make informed decisions throughout the process. I would recommend Becky Hale as a doula to any pregnant woman I know. She is informed, professional and an extremely valuable resource for your birthing experience.”
Julie F.

“Becky was my doula for my second pregnancy. We had family members with us during my first birth but I wanted this second one to be just my husband and I. However, I felt that I still needed some extra support, so we hired Becky to be that person. Becky met with my husband and I and answered all of our questions, She also got to know what we wanted and expected. At 28 weeks, I unexpectedly ended up in the hospital with complications. I called Becky on the way just because I needed someone to talk to since I was scared. A short while after we got to the hospital we got a text from her and she said she was there in the waiting room if we needed her and if not she would just wait a while and make sure. I thought this was so kind of her since she technically was not on call for us. I ended up being admitted and she stuck around to make sure I was not going to be delivering. She even stopped back by a few days later just to check in. I ended up going home and was put on bed rest. Becky checked on me every couple of days. On January 29th, I went to my normal doctor’s appointment and was told I was 5-6 cm dilated. My husband and I ran home to get a few things and I called Becky on the way. She immediately rearranged what she had going on and met us at the hospital. Becky was everything I could have asked for in a support person/doula! She made sure that all my needs were met and that both my husband and I were comfortable. She supported me through the delivery and was there to also snap some of the first pictures of our baby. Becky also went and got our oldest from the waiting room and brought him in to meet his new baby brother. If I were to ever have another baby I would definitely use Becky as my doula again!”

“I could not have gone through with having a natural, un-medicated birth without having a doula!”

“I felt so supported and safe with Phyllis.”
Ashley and Peter

Becky was ready to go when we needed her and used many techniques to keep me as calm as possible during labor, and helped my husband know how to help too. She was a knowledgeable and compassionate companion for an intense labor, and even went out and got us some Chipotle after all was said and done. We don’t know how it would’ve gone without her there with us, but we don’t want to know!”


“Having Becky made such a difference in my overall birth experience. It was such a comfort to have someone that I had already developed a relationship with there to support me during labor. Her role was to care for me only during what was a very intense, very fast natural labor, and she did just that. Her familiarity with the local providers allowed her to seamlessly communicate with them what I needed.  If we ever decide to have a third child I will definitely call Becky again.

“I was especially grateful that Becky was happy to assist us in whichever kind of birth we wanted – she is a genuine, empathetic person with whom I felt an instant connection…a connection which only grew and deepened in the weeks and months leading up to the birth of my son. She listened to my concerns, encouraged me, made me more aware of my strengths, made me laugh, gave me perspective, and helped me feel confident as both a woman about to give birth, and as a new mother.  Becky Hale is a rare and wonderful woman, and a fantastic doula – I give her the highest recommendation possible.”

“The Piedmont Doulas team is incredible. Every person delivering a child truly should have doula support, and these women are exceptional at what they do.  Beyond the birth planning and experience, the postpartum community that Becky facilitates has been incredible. It is such a special group of parents and I draw on their collective expertise at least weekly.  I can’t recommend Piedmont Doulas enough. I promise you will never regret adding them to your birth team!


“Becky was our doula for the birth of both of our children. Although I also had my extremely supportive husband and my mother present, I wouldn’t have wanted to do it without Becky (obviously, since we hired her right away when we found out we were pregnant with our daughter). We had some complications come up with our second pregnancy, and Becky’s calm and comforting persona and expertise was priceless. When I learned I had to be induced, she worked to find me positive induction stories (because all you can find online are horror stories). She was always there when we needed her, and made sure we had backup coverage when she couldn’t be there. She made a huge difference in achieving success having the kinds of births I wanted to have, and she knows the local hospitals extremely well (she even called to make sure my older son would be allowed to visit after the birth of our daughter, because that was stressing me out). She really listened to what kind of techniques I was comfortable with and thought about what would work for me, and respected that. I recommend doulas in general and Becky in particular to anyone I know who is pregnant. Honestly, I can’t say enough nice things about her. Oh! And her photography is amazing and easily doubles her value. Having pictures of the first moments of our kid’s lives without one of us having to grab a camera was amazing.”

I can not recommend the Piedmont
Doulas enough. As a first time
Mom, they were tremendously helpful for me leading up to the birth of my son and during labor and delivery. With Covid, the childbirth and newborn classes taught by Becky were virtual and they were still fun and informative. My husband was skeptical of the classes and we ended up both looking forward to them every night and learned so much. Thanks to them I went into birth feeling confident and informed.

When I started laboring at home in the middle of the night, the doula team picked up the phone and talked my husband through helping me until we were ready for them to come to our home.

We had Margo with us for labor and delivery but I would have felt confident with any of them. Margo was extremely helpful in labor and delivery, by physically helping me when I was in pain and by talking through options when there were decision points during labor. I felt like I had an informed friend there advocating for me.  My husband and I both agreed that it was money well spent (they should probably charge more for all they provide) and if I have another baby I will definitely hire them again.


We were extremely happy with our experience with Piedmont Doulas. We felt supported by them from the initial interview and then all the way through our daughter’s birth. Becky is a veritable guru of all things baby and birth in the Triad, and she leads an incredible team. Before the birth, whenever we had questions, they had answers. During the birth, Margo’s was indispensable; we likely would have ended up having a c-section if it weren’t for her calm and knowledge and physical support. After the birth, they checked in with us and continued to help us navigate our new role as parents (for example, offering suggestions for baby photographers when we realized that getting that set up had slipped our minds!). Especially being new to the area, their recommendations and connections were a huge help. We cannot recommend them highly enough!”


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Piedmont Doulas professionally for five years first as an L&D nurse, and more recently as a midwife. They are kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. Their goal is to help you navigate pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum with a little more ease of mind, body and grace than you might otherwise do! They are excellent at what they do. Piedmont Doulas has worked really hard to establish good relationships with the local childbirth professionals which helps them help you even more! I’ve also had the pleasure of sitting in on Becky’s childbirth education classes and to see the huge impact these classes have made for my patients in terms of the preparation for birth and beyond. Classes are such an important part of being prepared for labor and childbirth– both when things go exactly as you hoped, but also when the unexpected happens. Knowledge is power!”


“Phyllis helped me greatly while I was struggling with breastfeeding with thrush and clogged ducts. She taught me about swaddling, the 5 S’s, and I was able to able to get out of the house, run errands, and to go running. I felt 100% comfortable leaving my daughter with her. She was fabulous – a life saver!”

“I got to sleep!”

“I found Piedmont Doula late in my pregnancy with just weeks to go! Since I had been working full time through the 9th month, I hadn’t taken any classes or done any preparation for labor and delivery. Despite the time crunch, Phyllis, and Becky took me and my partner under their wings and in a short time helped us prepare for labor and delivery with great info and birthing techniques. We are so grateful for their guidance and fitting us into their schedules with my due date fast approaching! Even though complications thwarted my planned waterbirth, Phyllis and Becky made me feel calm, relaxed and empowered all the way through little Noah’s arrival! My partner JB especially loved being able to take a few cat naps while they kept me company 🙂 I would absolutely recommend these wonderful women and I would welcome them back if we have more children!”
Megan L.

“Becky is truly a wonderful person. She merged seamlessly with our family and it quickly felt like we’d always known each other. At our first meeting, Becky couldn’t wait to hold our baby and did so expertly, instantly instilling confidence in me of her abilities. She always knew just what to do and when to do it – unloading the stroller, navigating car seats, grabbing my purse and keys when I forgot them, holding our baby just the way she likes to be held, offering milk or a pacifier, or disarming our 2 1/2 year old, just to name a few. She is energetic, kind, respectful, professional and deeply committed and caring.”

We were extremely pleased with the professionalism and compassion from this doula team. Angie, Becky, and Margo are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pregnancy and local resources. We strongly recommend them to anyone in the area seeking a doula.”


Piedmont Doulas exceeded my and my husband’s expectations. Becky and Margo’s support during an unexpected induction greatly contributed to me considering that experience a positive one, despite all that was out of our control. They are kind, professional, and most importantly, non-judgmental.”


“I would recommend every mother-to-be who wants to have an all-natural birth to hire a doula.”
Lynn and Andrew

“Phyllis helped me try to get my twins to latch on, and her presence helped me from getting frustrated. I made very little milk but she helped me by supporting my efforts to breastfeed and supplement with formula. My husband and I loved the HUG and Baby Languages videos. Phyllis boosted my confidence as a new mother with her support and the knowledge she gave our family.”

“I had serious medical complications (mastitis, abscess and seizures), and Phyllis provided great support for breastfeeding positions, soothing techniques, positions to relieve gas, storing breast milk, data about hiccups, languages of babies to name a few. Phyllis is a great listener and supporter plus provides good information. My post birth experience was much better due to Phyllis.”

“Thank you Piedmont Doulas for your support during my delivery… I had the desire for a natural, unmedicated birth and thanks to you that is exactly what I had. You ladies are amazing and I couldn’t have done it without you.


“Becky made my birth experience so wonderful! She helped me stay calm and made me feel like everything was going to be okay! She brought doughnuts for the nurses and made sure my husband was comfortable during our delivery experience, too. I can’t imagine going through a birthing experience without her support – she really made me feel so at ease and taken care of. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Cannot thank Margo and Becky enough. They helped my husband and I start to finish with our first hospital birth! They helped me feel I had the support I needed to make decisions about my labor. Also, I was so blessed to be a part of the Mom group following birth where I found lots of support as a brand new first time mother! Becky also hooked me in with some awesome breastfeeding classes that prepared me for the beginning days with basic latch help and going back to work and pumping.”

Mary Katherine