Postpartum Doula Services & Pricing

Rest, relax and rejuvenate and enjoy!

mombabypiedmont Now you’re back home after your birth. You and your partner are gazing at your newborn, and it’s unbelievable how much love you have for this tiny new member of your family. You can’t imagine life being anymore perfect than this moment. Then you realize that you haven’t showered in 3 days, your dirty laundry is piling up and the dog hasn’t gone on a proper walk in nearly a week. Suddenly the reality of how different your life is hits you and you wonder how you will manage all of life’s tasks when you’re responsible for the care of this beautiful, little human.

piedmontmombabyThen your postpartum doula from Piedmont Doulas knocks quietly on the door and greets you with a smile! She reminds you she’s there to help you adjust to this new life. Educated and experienced, ready to help! Whether you need to take a shower, return phone calls or just take a walk with the dog she can help you. Not sure the best way to bathe, clothe or diaper your newborn? Let us assist you. Need us to make lunch for your three year old while you breastfeed the baby? We’ve got it! Baby laundry piled up to the ceiling? We are queens of laundering baby onesies and bibs. Just need to get more of that sweet, lovely thing called sleep? Let us hold your newborn while you snooze away happily. Most importantly, while you’re taking a minute to yourself you can rest assured that your baby is being cared for by a professional postpartum doula or newborn care specialist.

What if you have questions or just need to talk during your postpartum doula’s shift? We do that too! Postpartum doulas can offer you encouragement, reassurance, support and education that address the physical, emotional and educational needs of the whole family. We have a list of community resources at the ready. We listen, are compassionate, assist in a thoughtful and kind manner, and are a priceless resource for your family.

Some examples of postpartum support include:

  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding support
  • Helping you feel confident in your role as new parents
  • Newborn cues
  • Swaddling
  • Diapering, bathing, and dressing baby
  • Helping prepare light meals for you or the family
  • Out of diapers and don’t feel like going to the store? We will happily run certain errands for you!
  • Nursery organization assistance
  • Help organize your home for efficiency
  • Need to get out of the house but don’t want to go it alone? Let’s go to lunch or head out shopping together! We can also accompany you to any doctor’s appointments you or your baby may have
  • SLEEP! Enjoy a well-deserved nap while we care for your baby
  • Got twins? How doubly delightful! We have experience with multiples and can even help you learn how to get 2 babies out the door without losing your mind (or your keys)
  • Postpartum shifts are generally 4 hours in length, but can be longer–we can develop a schedule together that works best for you and your family.
  • We can also provide you with overnight postpartum doula care!  Overnight shifts are a minimum of 8 hours

Need Some Postpartum Help?

Pricing & Packages

BLOOM Postpartum Package


12 hours of postpartum care

BALANCE Postpartum Package


80 hours of postpartum care

BREATHE Postpartum Package


20 hours of postpartum care

BLISS Postpartum Package


200 hours of postpartum care

BRIGHT Postpartum Package


40 hours of postpartum care

BLISSED OUT Postpartum Package


400 hours of postpartum care

Need Some Postpartum Help?

BUILD your own Postpartum Package

$30/hr for one baby within 30 miles of zip code 27103

Package prices listed are for singleton babies within 35 miles of zip code 27103.  For twins, our hourly rate is $32/hr.  We happily serve other areas and zip codes, please contact us for pricing!


Prices listed are for those within 25 miles of zip code 27103.  We happily serve other areas and zip codes, please contact us for pricing!

A la carte hours – Want to add on to a package? Just let us know! $30/hour for singletons, $32/hr for twins.

Gift certificates? – Yes please! Want to be the hero of the baby shower, the best holiday gift giver, or give the most thoughtful push present ever? Give a postpartum doula package, and you will be a star! Contact us for information on gift certificates.  We’d love to help you plan!

We serve the Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point areas of NC. Postpartum prices might be higher depending upon your area/travel distance.